Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New-ish Year

We're almost 2 weeks into 2015 and it really doesn't seem all that different from 2014. Nevertheless, I am still doing pretty well. I finally am pretty much over a nasty cold (if it can even be called a cold) after around 3 weeks. Assuming that it's this nasty flu that the CDC is saying is going around, it really is no fun. With it being gone though, I really have a greater appreciation for my health. You never realize how much you appreciate something until its gone, and your health really falls well under that category. Normally people choose to make resolutions for the start of the new year, but I don't care for them because it really just becomes an overhanging chore of a task. Therefore, as usual, I have not made any resolutions. Awkwardly enough, I now want to talk about what I want to try and do more this year without it sounding like a resolution...and hopefully in saying this it doesn't come off that way, but we shall see. I'm putting more of an effort into making food from scratch rather than buying simple pre-packaged foods like frozen pizzas and mac n cheese, and trying to go beyond the simple boil water and go recipes like pasta and hot dogs. Why? I enjoy cooking. I also have been watching many videos from a YouTube channel called Sorted Food and they cook a bunch of delicious looking and sounding foods that don't seem all that much of a bother to make. As a result, I want to make an effort to trying to make more of my own meals rather than being lazy and cooking a bunch of prepacked quick meals. Last night, I tried a slow cooker recipe that was simply hash browns, eggs, cheese, and breakfast sausage and it cooked on low for a couple hours and it was great and it was a cheap option as well because each of the ingredients were under $3, other than the breakfast sausage. It was simple, and the only bother was having to wait for it to cook and smelling the deliciousness the entire time. Who knows what other sorts of foods I'll end up making, but hopefully I can get more creative and make some of my own recipes as I improve at cooking.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bottom 10 Worst Christmas Songs: #1

Happy Christmas (War is Over) - John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Yoko really does ruin everything.. This song is by far my least favorite Christmas song of all time and it gets so overplayed. It's lovely that war is over, but the last thing I want to think about at Christmas is war. Plus the kids in the background singing the word "Now" just sounds like yelling "Ahhahhhahhhhahhh". It just reminds me of the big guy from Spongebob Squarepants during the fry cook games.

If I didn't have to hear this song again I wouldn't miss it.

With a week to go until Christmas Day, perhaps I'll try and rouse some positive Christmas spirit with some of my favorites, but we shall see as it always gets busy this time of year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bottom 10 Worst Christmas Songs: #2

Last Christmas - Wham!

Oh boy! Nothing says Merry Christmas than a whiny faux-love song. This song makes me think of children in kindergarten giving a toy to someone else, but that person didn't give it back, no, they gave it to someone else so all you can do is cry about how that was your toy. This song is essentially that kindergartener calling the other person a "poopie head" and being grumpy. Also, why does this song feel like it goes on forever. Ok, musically, I understand it's not out of the norm to repeat the refrain, but after 9-10 times it gets a little obnoxious.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bottom 10 Worst Christmas Songs: #3

The Christmas Shoes - Newsong

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good tear-jerking song. This song just doesn't really fit in with any other Christmas songs. It's really hard to say anything about this song without sounding insensitive and jerkish. I'm saying that I don't like this song because Christmas is supposed to be a time for happy thoughts, and while some sadder things do happen it really does put a damper on the spirit of the season. I get the sentiment of the song and it really is touching and if you haven't heard it please do give it a listen, but I really don't care to hear it on my Christmas stations.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bottom 10 Worst Christmas Songs: #4

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid 1984

So there's a lot wrong with this song. To the impoverished in Africa, I don't think they know it's Christmas nor do I think they care. For those that do know it's Christmastime, I'm willing to bet they're keeping it the way it should be and not needing pop artists telling them otherwise. I agree that the world needs to be fed, and that supporting the cause with song is a pretty good idea, but does this song have to be shoved into my ears every year? Why not use some of those creative souls and write a new song each year? Just a thought, but really, this song needs to fade away and let a new song step up.